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look at me updating

life is very random as of late

junge: whats up/
Sky: apparently
Sky: im high
Sky: says this other Mike
Sky: but im not
Sky: i cant type
Sky: or whistle
junge: lol
junge: sky, its ok if you are
Sky: lol well thanks Mike
Sky: but i dont do that
junge: have you been near any paints, or glues, or green leafy substances?
Sky: heheh
junge: accidentaly or on purpose....
Sky: paint AND glue
Sky: in my last class
Sky: theatre!
Sky: so it IS possible
junge: well, then its possible that you are in fact a little loopier than usual
Sky: its probably true
junge: (how anyone could tell is beyond me)
Sky: hehehehe
Sky: also true!
junge: lol
Sky: mayube cuz i can type usuallyy
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